Born in Bolívar (Department Valle), Colombia.

1974 - 76  Study at the School of Arts of Carvajal S.A. „C.E.F“

                     in Cali (Colombia)

1977 - 79  Study at the Academy of Arts “Labrada” In Cali                                     (Colombia)

1981          Travel to Spain, Member of the painting-group “Plaza                         Mayor” in  madrid

1986         Moved to Vienna (Austria).1987-1996 Member of the                           group “Taller Arauco”


1975         Honourable recognition on the occasion of the                                  Colombian   Poster competition “Carvajal”, Cali,                                   Colombia

1982         First price at the exhibition of young artists in the                                 Department Valle, Trujillo, Colombia


1977  C.E.F., Cali, Colombia

1979  Regional Hall, Cali, Colombia

1984  Colombo American Center, Cali, Colombia

100 years of Bolívar foundation, Bolivar,

    Valle, Colombia 

Atelier Calidoscopio, Cali, Colombia

1988  Catholic Youth College, Vienna, Austria 

Art at the danubian riverside, Department of                            culture,Vienna, Austria

1989  House of Colombian Culture, Vienna, Austria

1992  House of Education Lainz, Vienna, Austria 

Artists from Bolivar, Bolívar Valle, Colombia

1997  Arts and politics, Bolivar, Valle, Colombia.

1999  Celebrations of my Village, Bolívar, Valle,                                               Colombia

2000  Studio A&F, Vienna, Austria

2001  Four Artists of Colombia, Colombian Embassy-

           Mexican Institute of   Culture, Vienna, Austria

2003  Worldwide Sign of Art, Department of Culture,

               Arabian Emirates

2007  Studio A&F, Vienna, Austria

2022  Third Regional Salon, Bolivar Valle, Colombia
           First International Biennial of Contemporary Art,

               Cali, Valle, Colombia
2023  Colombia Club, Cali, Valle, Colombia

           Louvre Museum, shopping art carousel,

               Paris, France


1977  Government of Valle, Cali, Colombia

1978  Free University of Cali, Colombia

1981  Bodegon El Fuerte, Marbella, Spain

1983  House of Culture Cali, Colombia 

House of Culture Bolívar, Valle, Colombia

1985  Gallery Artemusa, Roldanillo Valle, Colombia

1987  El Chiringuito, Marbella, Spain

1990  Gallery Club Alvarez, Vienna, Austria

1991  La Casita, Eisenstadt, Austria 

La Colombie, Vienna, Austria

1993  Gallery Argo, Vienna, Austria

1994  Kinsui Hotel, Iwakuni Shi, Japan 

Summer of culture, AKH, Vienna, Austria

1995  Fourth Pöttschinger Spring of Culture,

              Pöttsching, Austria 

Concert-Hall, Iwakuni Shi, Japan

Roland Spedition, Vienna, Austria

1996  Economic Chamber, Bogotá, Colombia

Café Mendez, Eisenstadt, Austria

1997  Comfandi, Cali, Colombia 

Europa Saal, Vienna, Austria

1999  Medical center Dr. Dieter Sturm,

              Vienna, Austria   

Medical center Dr. Sylvia Perl Convalexius,

     Vienna, Austria

RNG Management GmbH, Vienna, Austria

2000  XII world festival of Arts and Marionettes,

      Charleville Mézieres, France

Concert-Hall, Iwakuni Shi, Japan

Fadinger Restaurant , Vienna, Austria

Havanna Club, Vienna Austria

2001  House of Culture, Iwakuni Shi, Japan

Gallery Sur, Vienna, Austria

2002  United Nations, Vienna, Austria

Medical center Dr. H. Hospodka,

     Vienna, Austria

2004  Europa Saal from the Latin American

               Institute, Vienna, Austria

2005  Iwakuni Shi, Yamaguchi Ken, Japan

2006  Departmental Library of Cali,

               Valle, Colombia

United Nations, Vienna, Austria

Studio Rosenhügel, Vienna, Austria

2007  Neugebaüde Castle, Vienna, Austria

2008  House of Art, Iwakuni, Japan

2009  Cultural Center Eleven Vienna, Austria

2010  Medical Center Dr. Gabor Littasy,

               Vienna, Austria

2011  Colombian Embassy- Mexican  Institute of

     Culture, Vienna, Austria

2012  Galery Sur, Vienna, Austria

2013  B. Fujs Clinic, Salzburg, Austria

House of Culture, Bolivar Valle, Colombia

House of Art Quintero, Roldanillo Valle,


Departmental Library of Cali, Valle, Colombia

2014  Cultural Center Neruda, Vienna, Austria

2016  Cultural Center Neruda, Viena , Austria
           Galery Sur, Viena, Austria
2019  Cultural Center Neruda, Viena Austria
2022  House of Culture, Bolivar Valle, Colombia